Monday, 24 November 2014

Literally Broken

Look, I get it.

Metaphors only go so far, when you want to really get across the notion of just how totally… Whatever something is, you need to engage in hyperbole and exaggeration. And after a while, we as a people with a language, we run out of hyperbolic exaggerations and we end up with saying that this metaphor in fact reality.

And thus the misuse of literally began.

But now that it’s accepted in that way, we need a new word to do its old job.

Literally in Esperanto is laĆ­vorte. Drop the breve…

Hey, got a better idea?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Site News: End of Challenge Week 3

And thus Challenge Week 3 comes to a close, thanks for reading and for all the suggestions.

Despite leaving on a trip for a few days, there should still be Drabbles for every day as I'm preloading them. Should be some good ones in there.

Once again, thanks for reading, this is very much a personal challenge but to know people (presumably) enjoy my work is always gratifying.

Facing East

As the train continued to move, I tried to focus on my book.

“You know he really began as a dramatist?”

I looked up, and the glare off his stupidly overpriced sunglasses made me blink, but I had to respond.


“Dumas. Sure, most people just remember him now for the Musketeers, and some his other works, but he first rose to fame writing plays.”

As he prattled, I put my book away and grabbed my mace.

“In fact, my drama club’s working on a production of ‘Antony’ that-“

I looked out the window.

“My stop.”

Saved by the buzzer.

(And thanks to Pete for this suggestion too!)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Facing West

She was reading one of the lesser Dumas works, so my opening was obvious. I sat down opposite her as the train chugged along.

“You know he really began as a dramatist?”

She looked up at me, blinking. Good sign.


“Dumas. Sure, most people just remember him now for the Musketeers, and some his other works, but he first rose to fame writing plays.”

She put the book back into her bag, and I made my move.

“In fact, my drama club’s working on a production of ‘Antony’ that-“

“My stop.”

I guess sometimes you just miss the buzzer.

(Thanks to Pete for this suggestion...)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Unadulterated Power

As soon as I dispelled the final hex and the door faded back into smoke, I heard the chanting and knew I was too late.

But with every plane of reality at stake, I had to try, and so I charged, beginning my Ultimate Dissolution spell.

With a flick of her wrist, she sent me tumbling to the ground.

“So much… Unadulterated power! I can create… destroy… reshape… everything…”

She managed one more breath and then was consumed by the flames with a scream, the death scream of one that cannot die.

The power was unadulterated, but the vessel wasn’t.

(Thanks to Jack for the suggestion!)

Thursday, 20 November 2014


I would have just walked away from her, but I really wanted to get the 10EF day one, so I had to put up with it.

“And you know what else I blame for this generation? Disney, and their Supercalafragalistic thing.”

I must have looked confused yet interested, at least to her, because she kept going.

“When you don’t have anything to speak, say that. How about telling kids that if they have nothing to say, say nothing? No wonder everyone is so self-absorbed.”

She hadn’t noticed that by now I was reaching into my pocket for a spoonful of…‘sugar’.

(Thanks to Mark for the suggestion!)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Eating The Whole Thing

I can’t really tell when I woke up. At one point, I must have been laid out cold on the ground. At a later point, I was on my hands and knees throwing up. There was a transition between the two, but where to draw the line of was asleep, now awake, no idea.

But after a few more retches, I slowly rose into the air and then looked around. All I could see was dirt, rocks, metal implements left where the natives had dropped them as I had devoured them all.

Nothing edible was left, so I moved on.

(Thanks to Michael for the 'suggestion'!)