Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Smoked Out

As the oldest slavewife, it was her job, whenever the chieftain conquered a tribe, to guide any new slavewifes in their new duties.

She was explaining the ritual around dawnrise when the new girl pointed at some smoke in the distance, saying something in her native tongue.

"That's the tribe's way of sending messages quickly over long distances. That's saying they've found a specific tribe and are about to attack. Very fast communication. Only way quicker is to have someone somewhere told to do something if something else happens."

She picked up an axe to go and assassinate her husbandmaster.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Good And Evil And Other And Neither

There were three types of thinking about good and evil that would lead someone to make a credible attempt to take over and/or destroy the world.

Well, one of them is to not understand the concept, to not comprehend either. Your natural disasters, your plagues, your other dimensional beings. So two, I guess.

One is to think you are Good, and that the world is Evil. The other is to think you're beyond mere labels such as Good and Evil.

Because people who realise they are Evil? They are smart enough to learn that stopping the above pays better.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Love Add

Her dating profile said 'no augments', but everything else we seemed compatible on, so I gave it a shot and messaged her.

We talked for a bit, then met up. She was charming, and witty, and she overlooked my arm, as she said she as focusing on my mind.

We were together for 50 years, I respected her right to remain pure, she tolerated my new augments, since my mind remained unchanged, that was what she loved. Not my body mods.

Thankfully she died before I was forced to tell her my mind was the first thing I had augmented.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Call Of Addiction

He grabbed a bottle of scotch and a glass, then after a moment put the glass back. He ripped it open, tossing the lid behind him. As he lifted the bottle to his lips, the phone rang.

He assumed that it was her. That she'd heard the news, and that she would assume he'd be in this exact position.

He didn't have the guts to talk to her, not now. But worse, he knew he didn't have the guts to face up to her later if he did give in. So he didn't.

She actually called a few hours later.

Friday, 12 January 2018

A King, Post Rebellion

Had the rebellion's leaders asked him what they should do with him, he'd tell them to lock him up in the dungeon, since he'd hardly tell them his honest opinion, which would be to kill him.

But instead of either of those options, they led him through the city, as anarchy exploded around them, and to the docks, where they shoved him onto a one man sailboat and told to never return.

He was back leading an army in six months, only to find a dead city state, and a letter from the leaders explaining the prophecy, and their loyalty.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Coming Out Right

Every time he sat down to start, he would get a few words in then grow discouraged, delete them all and then go do something, anything else.

It was because he knew how important this was that he kept delaying it. It had to be perfect, and thus he could keep putting it off until it was perfect, whenever that was. Some point far in the future, probably.

Then came the party, several drinks, a drunken update on social media, then a friend 'hilariously' 'hacking' it to say he was gay.

No-one reacted badly so he just ran with it.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

No Drabble Today


Can anyone hear me?

Or read these words, I guess?

I think the transmission program is working, but maybe this is all Greta Garbo to you.

Not sure how much time there is before there is no more time left. Very important, you need to listen.

Soon, there will be a greeting from another planet, in the sky, on this biggish network, all over, all people, all languages.

It will say peace, say it want to help.

My power run out.


Must not

The attack will be swift

Launched by




Humans attack, will die.