Monday, 3 August 2015

Knocking On The Door

Doug spent years spent travelling the country, wrestling in front of twenty people for ten bucks, the usual hard work story that most everyone in wrestling without a famous parent had to tell.

And when he got to the main stage, it was a pity hire, as they just wanted his wife, but she insisted he get a job as well.

They threw him out there as a glorified jobber who ranted about spending years knocking on the door, waiting for a shot.

Yet not knocking before opening doors led to him getting information that led to a big push…

Sunday, 2 August 2015

View From The Stairwell

The five year old him looked out the window of his mother’s top floor government subsidised flat.

The fifty year old him looked out the window of his top floor stunning penthouse suite.

The five year old him thought long and hard about how he would drag himself out of the gutter and to a better life.

The fifty year old him thought long and hard about how he had dragged himself out of the gutter and to a better life.

The five year old him couldn’t wait.

The fifty year old him still regretted what he had to do.

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Five months of the year, I’m a cowhand for the McAllisters over in Green Valley. Then it takes a couple months to drive them to the railhead. Then I spend another five months beating up drunks who get frisky with the girls at Moonbeam House. Then back to Green Valley, start over.

Not bad, but it’s real Ace-high thanks to having Rosemary.

No matter how hard a day I have, be it taming a bucking bronco or dealing with a dude with too many cowboy cocktails in him, I’m looked after.

Life’s good. Long as Rose and Mary never meet.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Collectively Unlikely

To get here, you gotta realise just how many things had to happen.

Humanity managing to quiet down and learn to get along.

The various computer networks gaining sentience as The Collective.

Then the Panda Virus rending humanity sterile. Yes I know that’s not the scientific name of it, but I never got used to calling it HARP-V.

The Collective then pairing everyone off based on compatibility.

Except humanity’s count ended in three.

All that, building up to me becoming the entire world’s third fucking wheel.

No, I will not refrain from swearing Collective!

Yes, I want a soothing pill!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hidden Trails

Unity Li-Smith was the accountant, or rather creative money hider for most of the supervillians and mob bosses in Los Francisco. So, when she turned herself in after a pay dispute, there was, unsurprisingly, a mad rush to try and knock her off.

Glory had to stick by her side until she could testify. Glory was able to fend off the simple murder attempts easily, but Unity ended up exposed to small but significant amounts of Zeta radiation, Terrorgas, Moondust, and many other horrible energy sources.

Unity would have been upset, except all that woke what lay dormant inside her…

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Skills And Timing

He’d been working his way up the corporate ladder quickly and efficiently. And then came the assignment.

It had been the pet project of his boss’ boss, the marketing division needed someone able to leap in and take control if, or rather when, the company looked to have a PR disaster incoming. He’d jumped at the opportunity.

At first, nothing happened, giving him time to do research and get ready to leap into action when required.

Then nothing continued to happen.

Years of it.

He thought he’d never be Chairman.

Then came the gas leak that killed every other employee…

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Too Much Love

Down at Baccy’s Bar, we got all sorts. But the short blonde chick who came in every Monday and drank from opening to last drinks, she was different. Even without her iron stomach.

It took her several weeks to get her talking, and even then I had to start slipping her freebies to loosen her tongue. At first, all I would get out of her was something about ‘always making it about others’, occasionally muttering that she wanted it to be her turn once.

Then I found out she was Cupid.

I offered, but she played for the other team.