Sunday, 28 May 2017

Some Days

Some days are about physical pain. You get beat up, you work long hours, every muscle in your body ends up sore, you find out just how far your body can go before it breaks, and then you go past that point.

Some days are about mental pain. You endure intense boredom when you should be having a nice time, or you have to deal with a constant stream of idiots, you find yourself going mad from lack of positive stimulation.

Some days are about emotional pain. Loss of love, loss of security, loss of family.

They can triple up.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

One Way Mirror

They used to make two way mirrors with aluminium, a microscopically thin layer of it on a glass panel. The glass was often treated to be resilient, for a given value. Couldn’t stand up to a bullet, hell a chair leg thrust right could get through it.

But then they developed Quantum Glass, and suddenly you didn’t need to bother with lighting changes, you could turn the reflection on and off with the right frequency vibration. And the glass was bulletproof.

I just wish the glass had been old school that day. I might have been able to save her…

Friday, 26 May 2017

The Sixth Dimension Issue

The first four dimensions are easy, almost all existors in the universe that exist on the Weklian Scale understand them. And the fifth one, many existors can grasp the concept of another level of reality.

The sixth though, that tends to stump existors. Yes, the Level Al-3s might be able to sketch crude approximations, but to truly understand the sixth dimension, they have to accept that all they know and see about their existence is, technically, false.

This, naturally, leads to many of them becoming rather upset.

But it’s the ones who like this idea that are the real issue.