Friday, 22 May 2015

Kicking Out The Bitch

Once my father passed away, I wasted no time in kicking my snivelling bitch of a half-sister out of the family home. She stood at the front door, clutching the half-dead mutt like it was a lifeline as I began to take a tally of my new things.

“You didn’t even love him!”

I sighed and turned to her.

“No, I didn’t, but as his only legitimate heir, doesn’t matter!” I said, dragging out ‘legitimate’.

“Can I at least keep Sally?” she begged.

I looked at the pathetic, whimpering thing.

“Fine, whatever.”

I really should have x-rayed the dog first…

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Adding History

What if we just decided to add in some history?

Like, if a whole bunch of us came together as a group and decided that there was now a war between Japan and Spain in the late 1800’s that ended in a stalemate before the Spanish-American one?

We wouldn’t go out and trumpet this fact and hit people over the head with it, but just casually mention it in passing if it was relevant, then go into detail when asked.

Totally freak out people, right?

Plus would prepare us for when time travel is discovered and history changes every week…

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Going All The Way

I didn’t see her face at first, all I saw was the backpack, her dirty blonde hair, and her hand raised up, thumb extended. As I pulled up, she turned to face the car, and flashed a smile that somehow managed to be sweet, yet also hot as hell. She leaned in, pressing the thin fabric of her top against the half opened window.

“Going my way?” she asked, winking at me in a way that stirred emotions in me that I thought were long buried.

“Sure am!” I said, slightly too excitedly.

Within an hour I was strangling her.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Slit In The Universe

It wasn’t a black hole. That would have been picked up far earlier by the sensors, plus the ship would have been torn apart long before we got to it.

No, this was different. It was just a strip, a click long and a half click wide, in which there was no light, no gravity, nothing.

A slit in the universe.

This got the reactions you’d expect. The scientists wanted to ignore our orders and study it, while the loyalty officer was already docking me points for not meeting deadlines.

I would have moved on, but then It came through…

Monday, 18 May 2015

A Last Moonlight Dance

They knew that, in the morning, there would be a fight. Neither of them could handle a hangover that well, and all the frustrations and problems their relationship was filled with would boil over. It would be the sort of epic, protracted argument that broke up relationships.

They didn’t talk about it, both of them focusing on enjoying the copious booze and good music. But even through the drunken haze, they sensed this was the end.

She offered a hand. Her partner took it, and together the ladies danced one last time, hoping to delay the inevitable.

But sadly, no…

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Resetter Stone

It had taken Sintena a full day of meditation, and even after that long, all she knew was that the Resetter Stone was in the Darkwood Forest.

It seemed an odd choice of location to hide a device capable of erasing all of existence, but their opponent was crafty.

They found the shrine, hidden inside a ring of pine trees, as well as many spells. They broke through, and took the red gemstone resting on the shrine.

The idea that the Stone, being of malleable shape, was a ‘random’ pine cone didn’t occur to them until it was too late.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Unexpected Advancements

Suddenly, ninjas attacked!

Now, of course, given that we were deep inside territory that had pledged to No Kimi Suzaki when the war began, an attack was something we were expecting, training for.

And certainly even the dumbest farmer knew that No Kimi Suzaki had the Red Iris clan supporting him. The legends of what followers of the Path of Quiet Storming could do were legendary. Mostly made up, sure, but there were kernels of truth there.

So, ninjas attacking the camp was not the most unexpected thing that could have happened.

Us winning without any losses, that surprised me.