Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The End Of Limits

His entire life was spent searching for limits, and then breaking them.

Not out of any sense of self-aggrandizement, nor a need to prove himself as being superior to anyone else, nor any of the many reasons most people sought out barriers to conquer.

The limits of what humanity knew, what it could achieve, they were holding humanity back, and he knew that if he could break through enough of them, humanity would be freed.

It led him to the stars, to the edge of reality, as he knew it. Then he broke through it.

And set the Masters free.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


My Everything had a small but thriving air taxi business, if you didn’t want to wait for the ferry to take you to or from the mainland, you could always fly there, it was such a short journey.

Hence, when My Everything vanished without a trace, I didn’t believe it. There was no wreckage, no crater, nothing. She had to have been kidnapped or something, it couldn’t have been a crash, I never stopped believing I would find My Everything one day, somehow, safe.

And I did.

Turns out My Everything would do Anything to get away from me though…

Monday, 23 November 2015

Good Grieving

My therapist really cares for me.

Ever since I lost my family, I’ve just been so wrapped up in grieving for them. And even with everyone telling me it was ok, that everyone grieves differently, and that it can take time, I knew that something was wrong.

My therapist helped me see that there is good grieving and bad grieving, that there’s a world of difference from sitting in the dark and crying, and stabbing someone repeatedly with a machete.

My therapist is helping me get some good grieving out tonight, there’s a bad man she knows who deserves stabbing…  

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Professional Overlap

I had the mark just where I wanted them, ready to sign off on the ‘deal’. For just one payment of pretty much all of their life savings, I would pay them ten percent a month for life. I was always slightly amazed at just how stupid some people could be.

But on the day when I brought round the paperwork, I hit a snag, as when I sat down with the mark, they introduced me to Sylvia, their new wife.

I knew Sylvia as Helen, back when we used to run the Diamond Legacy scam together.

Damn overlapping schemes…

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Being For Real

It was their tenth date, and she felt it was time.

She’d gotten to understand him over the weeks, and yet there were still parts of him left unexplored, which was exciting, but scary, but wonderful too. He was kind, and thoughtful, and really fun, and the more she thought, the more she was sure this was the time.

As they approached her door, she took his hand in hers, and looked into his eyes.

“Geoff… I… I believe you exist. You’re not a hallucination.”

She was so grateful that he seemed to realise how important that was to her.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Undeniable Proof

After a few minutes of her trying to get his attention, he finally looked up from the broken tablet remains he was reading painstakingly slowly. His assistant, after taking a few deep breaths to regain her voice from running up the hill, tried to keep it calm.

“We found it.”

He remained as still as the clay before him.

“The altar, you know? We found it, and like you said, it showed that there was human sacrifices here, exactly like the ones in the jungle… Professor? Everything ok?”

The being now controlling his body tried to remember how to smile.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Property Of The Dead

There is no more depressing activity than to have to sort a dead person’s belongings, at least if you have any sort of sense of decency about you.

Perhaps if you’re self-centered it is fine, but if you understand that each item you deal with used to mean something to someone, used to be loved or hated or relied upon, humans tend to put emotional weight on inanimate objects, and having to deal with the aftermath can be emotionally draining.

Of course, it’s worse if they’re covered in their blood.

Even worse if you were forced to spill it yourself.