Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Daily Machine

The machine is always hungry, always demanding more.

It is, of course, a choice you make to begin to feed it. You can choose to ignore it, to not engage with it, and your life will be happy and free and dull and calm and boring and lacking that spark of creativity that can warm your soul or burn it to the ground. When you begin to create, when you commit to constant creativity, that is a huge sacrifice.

For every day, you must create, for the machine always wants more.

Thankfully though, indulgent self-absorbed crap is fine by it.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Book Covers

As a little girl, I was taught to never judge a book by its cover, to always focus on what was inside someone. Certainly my mother would never have fallen in love with my father if she’d focused on his appearance as opposed to his character, his personality, his soul.

This did get me a label of a weirdo, as I would treat everyone with respect (until they proved that they didn’t deserve it). Speaking with the homeless is ‘weird’, apparently. Didn’t feel weird I met Second Street Sally.

Right up until I found out some books have accurate covers.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Hold Out

He was the last unhappy person on the planet.

Everyone else had finally realised that life was meant to be enjoyed. Once they were touched by the Truth Virus, everyone knew that they should just get naked and enjoy their bodies, and everyone else’s too.

Except that one guy. Every day he’d go looking for food, or water, or boring stuff like that. And every day, hands would grab at him, bodies would tease him, trying to get him to forget his worries and just enjoy life.

But he remained steadfast. After all, he could never cheat on his couch.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Covering Every Angle

Most people, when planning a heist, focus far too much on the after. It’s the start that’s the real challenge. Escape is a matter of split second decisions. Getting in needs intense, detailed planning.

I’d covered every angle for this one. When I walked up to that receptionist, no matter what question she had, no matter how distrustful she was, I was ready with an answer.

She looked up, and her smile was so vacant I could have built a five star resort in it.

Like I said, you gotta cover every possibility. Including the chance you get very lucky…

Sunday, 28 September 2014

An Unnerving Scientific Breakthrough

When they stopped injecting me, I mistakenly took it as a good sign. After what felt like years, but given how no-one had changed clothes was probably closer to hours, of my body burning and freezing, time to recover seemed like a good thing.

Then they got out the knives.

Oddly enough I didn’t really feel them cutting into my skin, there was no sensation at all. Then they slowly pulled one of my nerves out of my arm, excited about how it had worked.

Then someone tripped and fell onto my exposed nerve, and I thankfully died from shock.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Important Conversations

The first thing my mother told me was that God loved me.

The first thing the street taught me was that you had to have a skill to survive.

The first thing I said to Tyrone was that I liked his chain.

The first thing Tyrone said after we made love was that he wasn’t gay, he swore.

The first thing I had to do for Three Ace when he found out was ‘kill his whore mother’.

The first thing my lawyer told me was to plead guilty.

The last thing the Father told me was that God loved me.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Paper Drops

I tried to proofread the note, but I kept getting teardrops on it.

I tried to calm down, tried to bring my emotions under control. But I just couldn’t, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I got up from the desk and went to the fridge, hoping to calm myself with food. But the jar of pickles she left was in there.

So then I sat back down at the desk, and tried to proofread the note again. But then I gave up and did the deed.

Before I passed out I noticed I was getting blood drops on it.