Wednesday, 17 December 2014


The Committee had designated it to be the twelfth most guarded job in the New Corporation. But while all the jobs higher on the flow chart were to be guarded from attacks from outside, the Historical Realignment Coordinator, informally and thus illegally called the Dasher, was guarded to prevent attacks from within.

For the person who spent every day reviewing unedited documents from pre-committee and removing all the non-core words and ideas, surely they would eventually go mad and try to think outside the box.

Luckily, the current coordinator is focused on working out why the name Richard is banned…

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bliss Is Ignorance

He decided, after much careful thought, that since he only had a small time on this planet, he wasn’t going to pay attention to anything that wasn’t worth his attention.

People trying to sell him things were the most obvious to be ignored, that was barely a stretch for him.

Then he expanded that to ignoring all those who just wanted to talk with him about their religion, cause or issue.

Easy step from there to just anyone who disagreed with him. Even just once, he would begin to ignore them.

Went well, until he ignored the people yelling ‘TRAIN!’

Monday, 15 December 2014

Trouble In Paradise

Everyone in the office had noticed the change.

While he was never full of sunshine and lollypops, there was a marked difference between his attitude and mood a few weeks ago and how he acted now. Whereas he had once been agreeable and polite, now he was snappy, he never smiled, he was just generally mildly unpleasant. At least he kept to himself so no-one minded that much, but still, the common theory was that his home life must have taken a turn for the worse.

When actually it was the exact opposite. Work was keeping him away from Her.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Simple Kidnapping Case

The dame sauntered into my office, her hips swaying so much she nearly knocked over my coat stand. She practically poured herself onto the chair as I lit a stogie.

“You saved the Silcock baby from that cult, right?”

I chuckled softly.

“Don’t believe the rumors dollface, the sacrifice talk was a smokescreen for a simple kidnapping.”

She shook her head, her locks flowing like liquid gold.

“Well my darling little niece seems to be caught up in a similar… kidnapping.”

I took the case, and found the girl easy enough.

After all, how many little girls demolish city blocks?

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Day Planning

She had been waiting maybe half an hour before he emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed and ready for work. She fell into step beside him.

“So you’ll begin today with an appearance on TV, Gary and Julia are the sympathetic hosts, Robert is the token left winger. Defend inequality, roundaboutly.

Then it’s to the Hill for the appropriations bill for Science Bureau, fight for every dime, try and cut as much as possible.

Back here at lunch, we’ll talk more then. Questions?”

“Who am I again?”

There was an exasperated sigh.

“Senator Gregory Albertson, Xu. Call yourself a spy…”

Friday, 12 December 2014

Angel Between The Sheets

She knew that some people would label her with terms that were insulting, at least to those who used those labels. But she also knew that she was doing good, that she was helping the men she interacted with. Far too many men had become overwhelmed, the monotony of their lives crushing their souls.

For some, it only took a few minutes, one conversation was enough to turn them around. Others, one night between the sheets. In extreme cases, a few months in a full relationship.

But she was lost when she met the man who enjoyed the soul-crushing monotony…

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Act 1, Scene 1

It all started when he was seven and a half years old.

The class had to produce a short ‘play’ as part of the presentation evening every year. Usually, this ended up being just a few unconnected scenes with the kids who could remember lines, and then a song from all the kids who couldn’t.

But after being told about this, a couple days later he brought in an actual play he had written.

The characters were pretty flat, and most of the jokes were lame, but it was performed, and he began his career as a writer.

With plagiarism.