Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Unbeatable Record

For centuries, it remained as the one record that could never conceivably be challenged.

No matter how much faster, stronger, tougher people got, at the end of the day, he was just a freak of nature. No-one had come close to swimming right around the world before him, and after him, there was a marked continuance of no-one getting close to it.

His body was perfectly suited to the task, he trained hard, and while it took him weeks, he did it. Legitimately, honestly, fairly.

Just a shame it was before civilisation had developed and thus no-one knew about it.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Double Time

I enjoyed my four day weekend, sure, but I was also eager to return to the office, now that my creative batteries were recharged.

However, the moment I stepped onto my floor, I could smell something… Off. It was subtle, a hint of something disgusting, but not enough to make me retch or anything.

After opening a few doors, I found him in one of the lesser used waiting rooms. Wearing the bright spandex tights of a bike courier, he tried to stand up.

“You were here since Thursday?” I guessed. He nodded, weakly. “Why?”

“Last… thirty-six hours… triple-double-triple time…”

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Boat On The River

His name was not known across the lands.

Instead, his name was known across the waters. Because while most anyone could make a crude pole, and most carpenters could make a decent oar, Baroma’s poles and oars were, unquestionably, the best in the world.

He made them for people all over the world, and thus his daughters (because even a craftsman has more than one interest) got used to dealing in many different currencies.

But one customer always paid in bags of ancient coins in small currencies.

Because after all, what else is Styx’s ferryman going to spend money on?

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Shouting Out Into The Void

The smaller wrestler got an elbow up to block the charge, and as the giant staggered backwards, threw a superkick, cover, two count.

Obviously, said the internet, this was a reference to how the smaller guy won his second world title against another giant.

Nonsense replied, well, the internet, it was a blatant insult to the finish of their competitor’s secondary title change last week.

And the internet had many more theories, ranging from the obscure to the intricate.

Had any of them known it was improvised after the smaller wrestler fucked up a spot, they’d have been very disappointed.

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Chance To Escape

There were seventy-three FJ24 forms left to process before lunch. George reached for the next one when the unidentified woman crashed through the window and landed next to the plastic fern.

She glanced at him and then scooped up the glowing statue into a bag, opened the door to the hallway then went into the stationary supply room.

George went to say something when three large and one small man came through the window. George silently pointed at the supply room door and went back to work.

After all, there were still seventy-three FJ24 forms left to process before lunch.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Warning Bells

The Bells were forged in the fires of the climactic battle that say He Who Must Be Blessed banish the Dark Princess to her Shadow Realms, the final battle of the Old Times, the first of the Modern Age, the Age Of Us.

They were foretold to be a warning, that they would forever be silent until the day when the Dark Princess was to rise again and once more try to cast her evil across the lands.

They stood silent for thousands of years.

This morning they rang.

But by now we’ve studied seismic shifts, and so we’re fine.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Band -1

The gravel, small as peas, moved beneath their feet and from it a faint dust rose, the perfume of the town.

At least, that’s how she saw it. For him, he just felt the ground beneath him move.

She heard the hustle and bustle of society working together to prosper together in ways that they could never do by themselves.

He just heard a noisy marketplace.

She saw the interplay of amber light on green trees and marvelled at the beauty of the world in even the simplest times.

He saw a discarded pizza.

She lived.

He kept her alive.