Sunday, 22 January 2017

Metaphoric Stones

“For my children…”

There was a lot about his job he hated.

“We need stability…”

The hours sucked, the pay sucked more, and the weather, well apart from the occasional cold snap, it sucked too.

“I wanted to help…”

And now there was this.

“She asked me…”

He was just the grunt, he wasn’t paid to think, he did that on his own time.

“To end this madness…”

But surely this was going too far?

“Just a bit of fun…”

A saying’s one thing.

“My intentions were good…”

But did Hell have to actually pave the road with all these?

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Faith Called In Sick

He had stood outside the office building for almost twenty minutes. In another fifteen, he was due to walk in and have a job interview his father had arranged, one he was supposedly already going to ‘ace’. But deep down, he wanted to run across the road to the bar opposite, which was rather rowdy sounding for this time of day.

If he entered the office building, he’d meet with Frederica, her suit neatly pressed, her bun severe. She would interview him, and it would eventually follow on that their marriage would be long, their surroundings comfortable, and both of them would be happy, in a way, with their lives.

If he ran into the bar, he’d be greeted by the sight of Clementine doing shots using just her mouth while walking on her hands and knees along the bar. From that moment on, his life would be chaotic, varied and above all else fun, until the two of them would die when their tandem parachute failed to open and they slammed into the Peruvian desert.

But instead, he stood there, indecisively, for long enough that Paloma would crash into him on her scooter, and lead him down another path…

Friday, 20 January 2017


It took a good half an hour, but finally the doctor walked into the room.

“So, Mr. Kennedy, what seems to be the trouble?”

“Well, it’s silly, but my girlfriend insisted I get this checked out. I have a vision issue, maybe.”

“What specifically is the issue?”

“I, uh… Well you play video games at all?”

The doctor rose an eyebrow.

“A little…”

“Well, like, you know when framerate goes down, and it gets all choppy? It looks like that sometimes.”

The doctor flickered slightly as he was updated to be able to deal with a Soul sensing the Program.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Anything Else?

When the hotel room door opened, the young woman gave a short curtesy.

“Hello, can I help?”

The older woman paused for a fraction longer than she needed to, and stepped back from the door.

“Yes, I was wondering where the extra towels I asked for?”

She indicated towards the open bathroom, where some towels were neatly stacked on the sink.

The maid walked over and bending at the waist, opened the drawer beneath the sink and pulled out some more towels. She then turned around again, and smiled.

“Anything else?”

“Uh… No, thanks.”

Both of them regretted that answer.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

James’ Garden

We try to keep our gated community a friendly, Christian place to live, but ever since that pesky court case, we’re not allowed to ask about people’s faiths or anything like that when they apply to buy a house. But we’ve found ways around it, we’ve gotten good at judging people.

But we still make mistakes. Like the guy on Jonah St, he quoted bible verses so well in the interview, so knowledgeable about the Good Book, of course we accepted him. Then he moves in with three wives! When we confronted him, he just spouted something about ‘Exodus 21:10’…

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Dignity Within The Realm

The Realm had lasted for millennia, in part, because of a strict moral code for combat, for society, and for life in general. From the King and Queen down to the lowest farm hand, every person was treated with respect and had dignity, at least to a degree unheard of outside The Realm. “The highest leader is supported by the lowest worker”, as they would say.

Thus, the Aligned Lands assumed that by fighting dirty, they could easily defeat them.

They clearly didn’t realise that another reason for The Realm’s longevity was by not understanding that outsiders were also people…

Monday, 16 January 2017

Sinque Censi

You’d think the moment I first saw the woman who would become the love of my life, that the sight of her would be all that I remember. But it’s the memory of the other senses that stay with me.

The taste of the small pool of decent, if unspectacular red wine that was suddenly caught in my mouth.

The smell of the sandalwood and musk candle that the hostess had just stuck under my nose.

The sound of the DJ awkwardly transitioning between songs.

And the feeling of my wife’s hand squeezing mine as she chatted with the hostess.